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Matt Kotlarczyk


The CAC lobby is designed to bridge the inside and outside, creating a hybrid between art and experience.  How does a semi-public space, outside the conventions of a gallery, effect the conception and design of your work? 

These works are in a space that is the connection of the outside to the inside, providing a sense of arrival, knowing  you are now in a special place.  Taking the familiar and making a more involved understanding of the subject makes the scale of the place human.  I wanted to connect my work to the place, with human proportions.  The materials were chosen to be harmonious with neighboring details in the space. 

What qualities of the building, organization and city influenced your work for the lobby, and what form/s did that reference take?

The ceiling height, window sizes, raw materials and color palette all played big parts. 

To me, the CAC invites experimentation.  Rafaela invited me to push my ideas, to create strong works of art.  These pieces connect the scale of the cavernous space to that of human, creating a bond between us and space.        

This city has become familiar to me in many ways, engaging me to play.  Familiarity with my work is akin to playing with my friends.  I have become confident in my work , as in my play.    

 Art is always a subjective experience, but in an ideal scenario, what do you hope audiences will take away from your work in the new CAC Lobby?

Providing form and function-that there?s more than one way to skin a cat.  This combination connects fascination and usefulness.   The fiber optic dropping from the ceiling is like raindrops lit and held in space.  The cloud construction is like the scribble of a pencil, frozen in 3-D.  These combined, complete the work.

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