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Where We Stand

Where We Stand

The CAC is one of the founding members of the 2030 District, whose ambitious goal is to reduce energy use by 50% from a 2003 baseline of all buildings in the District collectively.

The CAC’s leadership comes from the many environmental exhibitions held at the facility. The second and third LEED homes in Cincinnati were inspired by a competition show at the CAC. Their presenting artists have led the way in showing how art has a natural environmental awareness.

Joining the 2030 District gave the CAC a way to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Although, the goals are lofty the requirements to get started are easy. Just enter your data into a computer program developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) called ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®. The Energy Star plaque is something you see on many buildings, it recognizes the building has met the required energy efficiency goals for the appropriate award. The 2030 District has chosen the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager as the reporting criteria for their members. Besides energy, water and transportation emissions are to be reduced by 50% by 2030 and improvements in occupant health and wellness are to be included.

Energy Efficiency, Sustainability,
and Preservation Highlights

CAC is a founding member of the Cincinnati 2030 District, pledging to reduce its energy use by 50% by 2030

CAC implements U.S. Green Building Council's Arc Carbon Footprint Measurement Score. Our goal to LEED Platinum is a score of 80 points.

A goal of 125 EUI (energy use intensity) was set by the 2030 District. The average for museums is 70 EUI.

HVAC audit suggested an energy and recovery unit to lower the heating and cooling loads by 400 kBtu each month. Planning for this is underway.

The CAC presented at the Midwest Sustainability Summit on downtown hot and cold water distribution utilities and its conversion to zero-carbon.

CAC Arc Score
November 2021

Arc Score (November 2021)

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