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Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center
for Contemporary Art
44 E. 6th Street,
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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As its first special project, each individual or couple in The 50 has donated $3,000 to help subsidize free admission to the Contemporary Arts Center for at least three years.

These benefactors from all walks of life, who live, work, and play right here in the Queen City, describe themselves as “a diverse group of engaged, progressive citizens who are committed to the city and to the vibrancy of the urban core.”

That commitment includes a "Love Gift" which creates easy access for all to arts experiences that challenge, entertain and educate. Its at the core of their vision statement, “The Contemporary Arts Center is our city’s key navigator of contemporary art and culture and we are pleased to offer all people free access to this unique institution as the go-to source of creative inspiration, stimulation, and revelation.”

If interested in joining The 50, please contact Corporate and Advanced Giving Director Jay Kalagayan for more information. 

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Current members of The 50 include

  • Jeff Ahrnsen
  • Alana Albers
  • Stephanie Arvin
  • Shawn Baker
  • Jay & Cate Becker
  • Michael R. Betz
  • Megan Blau & Derek Ruch
  • Bob Bonder
  • Katy Crossen
  • Leo J.P. & Michelle D'Cruz
  • Alexandra Dellis-Harcha & Lance Bowman
  • Barrett Evans & Kevin DiNarda
  • Angie Fischer & Ried Cartwright
  • Patrick & Amy Frambes
  • Charlie Gerhardt
  • Amy Goodwin
  • Reginald Harris & Aaron Shield
  • Barbara Hauser
  • Kristal Howard
  • Robert & Anna Huesman
  • The Key Family
  • Amit & Sabina Khemchandani
  • Laura D. Koehler
  • Jason McCaw
  • Laura S. Menge
  • Josie Graham & Murphy Mongeon
  • Michelle Lightfoot & Chad Munitz
  • Emily Hanako Momohara & Shawn Newman
  • Lori Nix
  • Pavan Parikh & Shwetha Manoharan
  • Daniel Pelchovitz & Rachel Loftspring
  • Alexander F. Phillips
  • Kyle W. Pohlman
  • Jon Powell
  • Aftab Pureval & Whitney Whitis
  • Eddie & Morgan Rigaud
  • Scott & Andrea Robbins
  • Dave and Priya Rolfes
  • Erin Rolfes
  • Andrew & Jess Salzbrun
  • Jenna Schaifer and Seth Shaifer
  • Kameron Schlachter
  • Peggy & Alan Shukairy
  • Yvette Simpson
  • Kelsey Smith
  • Doug Spitz
  • Eric Beatty & Cenona Taveras
  • Jennifer Verkamp & David Levy
  • Sonya Whaley
  • Tracy Wilking
  • Frances J. Youn

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