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The Womxn


Tomorrow is shaped by those who choose to act. The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) envisions a future increasingly influenced by women – in the field of contemporary art and the world at large. It is with great pride that we introduce THE WOMXN, an exclusive Collective filled with the most diverse and fearlessly bold women to accelerate female artists poised on the precipice of superstardom.

The CAC owes its very existence to three extraordinary women. In 1939, Betty Pollak Rauh, Peggy Frank Crawford and Rita Rentschler Cushman came together to address the crucial need in Cincinnati for a source of contemporary art and ideas, which has by now endured for 78 years. Led for the past decade by Director Raphaela Platow, we cherish and honor our legacy of highlighting the female voice of the avant-garde. Today, just as we have throughout all of our long history, the CAC presents the most significant female artists, performers and creative thought-leaders of our time. It is our distinct pride to call Zaha Hadid’s Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art, the first museum in North America designed by a woman, our home.

Building on this legacy, THE WOMXN will be the voice for women seeking to make a statement in our communities through visual art and performances. This is an opportunity to be a part of a Collective, which will be devoted to building support and funding for the best, most critically inspiring women working within contemporary art and culture. Your membership is essential as we work together to advance the causes and ideas of tomorrow’s most innovative female artists.


Membership to THE WOMXN will generate funding for exhibitions and performances of contemporary female artists at the CAC. In our effort to advance the cause of working female artists, your support will accelerate their mark on the world.

The CAC will host special events and programs organized exclusively for The WOMXN. Throughout this programming, the focus will be on women in the arts, from working artists to collectors and museum professionals. But we will also focus on YOU by offering exciting opportunities to connect with other bold women and allow your own creativity to thrive.


Commitment for THE WOMXN: Contribute a minimum of $1,000 annually for 3 years towards the CAC’s female exhibition/performance fund.

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