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The Modern Art Society

Cincinnati has had a long and distinguished history of arts patronage that includes the innovative and thought-provoking Contemporary Arts Center (CAC). The CAC was founded in 1939 by three young, forward-thinking women with little to no formal museum experience. Growing into a 400-member organization, the Modern Art Society was moved into a dedicated space and renamed the Contemporary Arts Center in 1954.

“The CAC is a community organization which seeks to explore the complete horizon of contemporary art expression in all significant fields of creative activity.” —Mr. Alton T. Schoener, Curator, CAC, 1955

“The CAC is valued by the curious as a navigator of contemporary culture that stimulates and inspires.” —Vision Statement, Board of Trustees, 2015

Honoring our past, today we have created a new legacy society for forward-thinking individuals bearing the original name of our organization, The Modern Art Society. The CAC would like to publicly recognize and thank these generous people who have included the center in their estate or financial plans. These individuals, as did our founders, understand the importance of leaving a legacy to benefit the future of contemporary art in our community.


When you join The Modern Art Society, you are expressing your long-term commitment to the CAC. As a member of The Modern Art Society your willingness to be listed publicly encourages others to follow your example. Your legacy will inspire tomorrow’s visionaries.

“I am pleased to continue my long-time support of the CAC by making a substantial bequest to the new Planned Giving program.” —Alice Weston, First Member of the Modern Art Society, Lifetime Trustee, 2015

Gifts may be made through a will, trust, insurance policy or retirement plan. You should consult with a financial advisor or estate planner to create a planned gift that meets your individual needs.

“Seventy-six years young and the CAC is still presenting the latest (and vocationally the most outrageous) art created. What’s best about this is trying to guess what we’ll see next at this unique American treasure. “ —Richard Rosenthal, Lifetime Trustee,

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