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public programs

public programs

Public Programming will be held through digital platforms and outdoor formats until further notice


The CAC presents Co-LAB, an experiment in what is possible. This program is designed to collaborate with the public, create change, alter perspectives, and think creatively. Whether it’s a round table discussion, short film screening, deep dive into self-care, or walk in the community, we’re excited to co-curate a unique experience. We want to know what topics you are passionate about, how you would like to engage Cincinnati, and what we can do to help. Each collaboration will span 3 months, with 2 sessions per month. This provides 6 opportunities to collaborate, connect, and grow together.

FREE for all participants!

Interested in a collaboration? We want to know what topics you're passionate about, how you'd like to engage the city, and what we can do to help. Collaboration sessions span September to November, December to February, March to May, and June to August. These programs can take place at the CAC or within the community. Email with a proposal and resume to apply.

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