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(AEQAI) NSFW: Notes on Mapplethorpe in the 21st Century

Posted November 24, 2015 in

"There are the obvious questions about Robert Mapplethorpe’s polarizing 1990 exhibit at the CAC, which, along with a more traditional retrospective, enveloped images of flowers, portraits of black men and S&M in three portfolios titled... read more

(AEQAI) Review of Celant Lecture at Opening of FotoFocus

Posted November 24, 2015 in

"I’d like to talk a little bit about Celant’s lecture on Mapplethorpe , the man and the exhibition; he spoke for just over an hour, after the drinks/networking period before dinner, and before the dinner... read more

(AEQAI) Past Perfect: Mapplethorpe + 25

Posted November 24, 2015 in

"It was a pretty perfect moment. For one evening and the whole day following, FotoFocus and the Contemporary Arts Center teamed up to sponsor and host three panel discussions and three keynote speakers to talk... read more

(AEQAI) Perfect Mess: After the Moment

Posted November 24, 2015 in

"Robert Mapplethorpe was an aesthete’s aesthete, trying with each photograph he took to capture a kind of formal blissfulness that shreds philosophy, politics, conjecture, and any other form of bull-shit standing in the way of... read more

(The Art Newspaper) A question of censorship: 25 years after the Mapplethorpe trial

Posted November 06, 2015 in

"A storm of controversy broke out in the US in 1990 over a travelling retrospective of the work of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. The Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati found itself in the national spotlight, when... read more

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