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(Territory) OFFF Cincinnati Remix

Posted October 18, 2015 in

"After our conference at OFFF Barcelona 2015, the team were invited to talk at OFFF Cincinnati and produce the Main Titles for the festival. For some of the team members this was the first non commercial project they had participated in.

The concept behind the project was agreed early on in pre-production. We wanted the Titles sequence to reflect the core essence of the festival. Different creative studios and artists congregate in one place - the festival - to share, inspire and be inspired. We wanted to reproduce the OFFF logo in 3D and deconstruct it in a way that each piece could represent different artists. We all have unique styles and skill sets that feed designs into the world for everyone to enjoy. This ripples out, bounces around, inspiring and motivating us all to create new and even greater things. We constantly inspire each other across many different mediums and with this title our aim was to represent and visualise this symbiosis, whilst celebrating the convergence of artists. We wanted the project to be a learning experience, to push our boundaries and explore new territories. We tried Arnold, the new Cinema 4D render engine for the first time (Thanks to Raphael Rau for answering our Arnold queries). This achieved faster and more realistic results and we created a bespoke typography for this project. "

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