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(WCPO) Cincinnati love lights up Contemporary Arts Center

Posted July 03, 2015 in

"For two nights Dan Reynolds, Steve McGowan and their Brave Berlin crew had been tested. But on Friday night it was crunch time. They had been trying to mesh art and technology into a massive projection mapping project blanketing the east wall of Downtown’s Contemporary Arts Center with images and words depicting Cincinnatians’ love for their hometown. They’re the guys behind Lumenocity, the wildly successful events that painted Music Hall with imaginative light shows. The CAC installation is all part of ArtWorks’ CincyInk project. Known popularly as “Ink Your Love,” the project has unfolded in many different pieces since the beginning of the year. A crowd-sourced poem involved more than 1,000 people who tossed their words into a creative hopper. The wordsmiths of Chase Public, a collaborative arts space in Northside, refined those words, and later, hundreds of people volunteered to be tattooed with short phrases from what had been crafted into an 818-word poem."

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