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Felix Gonzalez-Torres: “Untitled” (L.A.)

An endless supply of candy

On view through
08 September

Exhibition Details

This installation of Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ “Untitled” (L.A.), 1991, consists of an endless supply of candy sprawled across the Contemporary Arts Center’s floor. Visitors may select a piece, and choose to eat it, which allows their experience of the artwork to potentially engage all five senses. Gonzalez-Torres avoided offering concrete explanations for the meanings behind his installations, instead preferring that his viewers develop their own interpretations, whether they choose to take a candy or not. The candies may gradually deplete as time passes, encouraging repeat visitors to contemplate what meanings may be drawn from the installation’s evolution. The work’s caption specifies an ‘endless supply’ of candies, indicating the possibility of replenishment, renewal, and perpetuity regardless of the physical installation.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ “Untitled” (L.A.) is jointly owned by Art Bridges and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Annual exhibition support is provided by Gale & Dave Beckett, Helen & Brian Heekin, Barbara Myers, John & Ronnie Shore, and Barbara Weston Sasser & Carol Weston Roberts.

General operating support for the CAC is provided by Jeff Ahrnsen, ArtsWave, Ronald Bates & Randy Lasley, Gale & Dave Beckett, Jim Cheng, Dr. Maria and Jonathan Espinola, Steve Jemison & Phyllis McCallum, The Johnson Foundation, The Kaplan Foundation, Emily Kokenge, Chuck Lohre & Janet Groeber, Rick Michelman & Karen Meyer, Emily Hanako Momohara & Shawn Newman, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Ohio Arts Council, P&G Fund, Kyle Pohlman, The Rosenthal Family Foundation, and Rosemary & Mark Schlachter.

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