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Regional Connections

Connecting, Empowering, and Supporting Local Artists

27 March

21 April

Exhibition Details

Regional Connections features works by artists living and working in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding cities. The show comes to the CAC as a collaboration with the artist collective Region 90, created by Cierra Fogle and co-founder Maxine Wallace, and with support from curators Nytaya Babbitt, Isadis Alcantara, Dai Eades, and Allie Wilkerson. Region 90 (@region.ninety) seeks to support artists local to Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Louisville in tangible ways by primarily relying on community connections spawning from a shared environment.

A range of themes span the works found in the exhibition, as artists express themselves through a variety of media. These works share a very particular moment in time and space, however, and the show as a whole celebrates the power of art-making in and with community. The artists in Regional Connections are defining what it means to be an artist here and now - what does their work inspire within you?

Artists Featured

Thomas Osorio
Drew Dubs
Israel Solomon
Christopher Aragon
Michael Thompson
Tyler Toole
Rae Miller
Michael Pfirrman
Michael Romanos
Jahsalyn Robinson
Mirinalini Aggarwal
Evan Verrilli
Iliana Sora
Elan Schwartz
Brett Sutton
Fred Daniell
Deana Svetlik
Chrissy Collopy
Fern Fournier
Isaiah Levy
Nia Rich
Keith Wallick
Bill Olsen
Kenyon Mason
Joi Sears
April Culbreath
Hannah Feibelman
Bill Becker
Jilllian Campagna
Claire Flath

Curated by

Nytaya Babbitt, Isadis Alcantara, Dai Eades, and Allie Wilkerson

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