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Emerging Architectural Perspectives

UC School of Architecture and Interior Design Student Projects and Zaha Hadid’s Legacy

23 August

01 October

Exhibition Details

The projects included in this exhibition are works from recent graduates of the School of Architecture and Interior Design in the College of DAAP at the University of Cincinnati. Though not directly influenced by Zaha Hadid, they each have affinities to her work.

Steven Almond and Alex Parnham’s projects reference the aesthetic vocabulary of Russian Constructivism, which inspired her early work. Jacob McGowan uses large drawing formats to work out the relationship between building and landscape reminiscent of her earlier work and the paintings shown in A Permanent Nostalgia for Departure. Lamia Albunni and the students of Christoph Klemmt, a former designer for Zaha Hadid, have a shared interest in new geometry, but add material studies for sustainable design solutions that point to new areas of architectural investigation.

As A Permanent Nostalgia for Departure promises, Zaha Hadid’s work continues to inspire and echo across a new generation of young architects committed to invention and the poetics of projective architecture.

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