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Luis Camnitzer: Monuments to Unknown Heroes

Presenting the ways we memorialize while questioning the underpinnings of public monuments

28 April

24 September

Exhibition Highlights

Exhibition Details

Conceptual artist and pedagogue, Luis Camnitzer (b. 1937, Germany) presents a series of posters by artists depicting proposals for monuments to under-recognized heroes.

This installation is an expansion upon a call for submissions that originally took place in the days following the start of the pandemic. This visual archive captures various perspectives on the ways in which we memorialize, while raising questions about the socio-political and economic underpinnings that typically accompany the production of public monuments.

View the digital Installation Brochure

The installation in the Kaplan Hall Lobby displays the posters submitted in 2023, but you can view all submissions from 2023 and 2020 in the online catalog.

View the online catalog

Featured Artists

Carol Abbott
Flavio Abuhab
Daniel Alatorre
Esther Aldaz
Erika NJ Allen
Jounte Armantrading
Raul Quintanilla Armijo
Rosa Barba
Jose Bedia
Gary Beeber
Walter Brovia
Luis Camnitzer
Osvaldo Cibils
Aníbal Conde
Michael Coppage
Fabio Coruzzi
Calcagno Cullen
Claudia DeMonte
Luisho Díaz
Sam Durant
Magdalena Fernández
Martina Fischer
Beatrice Red Star Fletcher
Harrell Fletcher
Jose Franco
Abby Friend, Dylan Bauer
Alicia Mihai Gazcue
Ed Mc Gowin
David Enrique Martínez Guerrero
Tina Gutierrez
Louis Hock
Roberto Jacoby
Yobana Jaimes
Juan Diego PeĢrez La Cruz
Freid and Leader
Cynthia Lin
Rachel Linnemann
Isidro López-Aparicio
Georg Lutz
Jesse Ly
Miller Lyle
Marco Maggi
Eric Javier Markowski
Jason Mena
Sylvia Meyer
Priscilla Monge
Jonas Monib
Ronald Moran
Michael Muller
Carlos Navarrete
Cristina Ochoa
Renato Orara
Nadín Ospina
Jamie Payne
Jenny Perlin
Jenny Polak
Liliana Porter
Angel Poyon
Ben Quesnel
Leo Ramos
Ana Rank
Rosangela Rennó
Angelo Ricciardi
Ender Rodríguez
Gisela Romero
Kay Rosen
Elizabeth Ross
Danny Ruiz
Alejandro López Saldaña
Francisco Tapia Salinas
Nathalia Cruz Sierra
Walid Siti
Luis Sosa
Kateri Sparrow
Tamara Stuby
Alina Tenser
Alex Thornton
Ana Tiscornia
Jose Toirac
Sara Torgison
Sophie Tottie
María Vargas
Silvia Velázquez
Humberto Vélez
Zhiqian Wang
Derrick Woodham

Curated by

Amara Antilla, CAC Senior Curator at Large.

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