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Under the Canopy

Deepen your connection to nature through art with this Co-LAB Exhibition

01 February

05 March

Exhibition Details

This exhibition features works by interdisciplinary artist and nature enthusiast Julia Orquera Bianco. This body of work is the result of an embodied entanglement with Burnet Woods, one of the largest and oldest parks in Cincinnati. The artist walked, hiked, cleaned, read about and in, taught in, and observed seasons change and cycles renewing in this site for over a year. In the summer of 2022, Burnet Woods was the subject of a Co-LAB program, where locals and experts got together to share stories about the place and reflect on its historical, cultural, spiritual and ecological importance.

Visit the artist's website here.

About the Artist

Julia Orquera Bianco was born in Argentina and lived in Mexico before moving to the United States. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Drawing and Painting from Universidad del Museo Social Argentino (Buenos Aires, Argentina) in 2012. In 2018 she graduated from the MFA program at Roski School of Art and Design, University of Southern California, Los Angeles. In 2020, Bianco earned a Certificate on Sustainability from University of California, Los Angeles.

Bianco works through interrogating constructs resulting from Modern Western Culture, collective memory, and the experience of migration and gender. This allows her to speak about an identity constantly being renegotiated and in motion, in deep relation and conversation with the environment she inhabits. Her explorations use her family legacy of labor and craft as a strategy to connect with worlds that she is foreign to, experiencing them while remembering. She currently teaches at University of Cincinnati, Ohio. Her work has been showcased in Argentina, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United States.

Curated by

Pedal Miranda, Community and Adult Programs Manager
Elizabeth Hardin-Klink, Creative Learning Director

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