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Ecologies of Elsewhere

New interpretations of our natural world

10 February

06 August

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Through a dynamic presentation of multidisciplinary artworks and activations, Ecologies of Elsewhere explores the physical and symbolic properties of plant life as a means to explore issues that shape contemporary society, such as migration and diaspora; gender and sexuality; extraction and exploitation; the legacies of colonialism; and the potential for healing. From Lisandro Suriel’s use of the layered legacies of cotton within the West Indies, to Eric Gyamfi’s employment of plant-based emulsions to develop analog photos, to Ilze Wolff’s work examining the life of South African writer, activist, and gardener Bessie Head (1937 – 1986), each work in Ecologies of Elsewhere offers a critical ecological lens on to a range of subjects, both personal and political, contemporary and historical.

Curated by

Dr. Chandra Frank, an independent curator and Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati, and Dr. Portia Malatjie, Senior Lecturer in Visual Cultures at the University of Cape Town’s Michaelis School of Fine Art and Adjunct Curator of Africa and African Diaspora at Tate Modern, London.

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