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Asha Ama's NEW MOON, a Co-LAB Exhibition

A look to the future-how the world will look through divine, Black, female energy

30 April

05 June

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Asha Ama’s upcoming collection, NEW MOON, looks to the future—how the world will look through the lens of the divine, Black, female energy that will heal the world. Can we rise from the ashes of the destructive vices and strongholds of the world and replace war and greed with love and empathy Death and destruction with creativity and humanity? 2022 will usher in a great collective consciousness and awakening led by Black women. NEW MOON explores the endless possibilities of this global shift.

The collection will premiere at the Contemporary Arts Center in an immersive Fashion Healing Experience on April 30th that includes guided meditation, aerial arts, solfeggio frequencies, music, and fashion. The Exhibition will run April 30th - June 5th at the Contemporary Art Center and feature photographs, videos, selections from the collection and more.

New Moon is a Through Her Eyes collaboration between Queens Village, ASHA AMA, and the Contemporary Art Center’s Co-LAB program with support from Arts Wave.

Curated by

This exhibition is organized by the Creative Learning Director, Elizabeth Hardin-Klink, through the CAC’s Co-LAB program. Co-LAB is a public laboratory that invites artist and creatives to collaborate with the CAC on community-based projects.

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