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Raquel André

Collection of Lovers

05 September

04 November

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Raquel André is a Portuguese-born performer, actress, theatre director and researcher who fashions intimate platforms to meet, converse and examine the evolving architecture of relationships. Throughout Portugal, Brazil, and Norway, she has “collected” over 160 meetings with people of all nationality, gender and age who, for an hour, construct an exchange captured in memory and photographs. Wherever the performance travels, it collects more lovers and accumulates new meetings. The photographs and details of these meetings are the contents of a performance that tells a story about what this collection of relationships may mean. It is a reflection on intimacy that is explored one-to-one and recounted for the stage, all real and all fake. As such, the performance reflects on the limits between private and public and memory and expectation, revealing how the line between fiction and reality can be blurred. This exhibition is presented in conjunction with André’s September performance of a Collection of Lovers in the CAC Black Box, surrounding us with a selection from over 7000 photos she has amassed over the course of this work. While in Cincinnati André will also be conducting research and collecting the spirit of creative practice for her next chapter of this series, Collection of Artists.


Raquel André

Curated by

Drew Klein, Director of Performance at the Contemporary Arts Center, and Steven Matijcio, Curator at the Contemporary Arts Center

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