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Queens Village and the Contemporary Art Center are excited to announce their fourth collaboration for the Through Her Eyes project, featuring this year's artist, Adoria Maxberry, and her project "Revolutionary Recipes: The Flavors of a Black Woman Amplified."

As a child, artist and curator, Adoria L. Maxberry recognized the uncanny ability for the Black Woman to heal, minister, care and show love through food. Revolutionary Recipes: The Flavors of a Black Woman Amplified" is a collaborative, intergenerational, and immersive exhibition that explores Black womanhood with an ethnographic focus on what ingredients made the woman in the stew of life.

Adora shares the inspiration behind the project, ¨Cooking with my mom and grandma before they passed, I found that often recipes were a guide, but the measurements were felt deep in the soul. The outcome was always a delicious, delectable dish. Now, I’d like to turn my focus away from the measurements, and ingredients of the dish and focus on what ingredients made the woman.¨

As part of "Revolutionary Recipes," Adoria will collaborate with intergenerational Black families to co-create multimedia portraits reflecting each woman's unique and collective recipe. Using fiber arts, painting, illustrations, photography, and sculpture. These portraits and other ephemera will be on display at the Contemporary Art Center from July 19th to September 1st.

Gallery visitors will also have the opportunity to contribute their own recipes, which will be compiled into a recipe anthology celebrating Black women as sources of life, love, and community spirit.

Queens Village Marketing Director Danyelle Bush says: “Queens Village’s journey started around a kitchen table, where stories were shared, activism began, and dreams were nurtured. This exhibition celebrates the rich tapestry of Black womanhood, amplifying the flavors of our heritage and the stories that have shaped us. Join us as we honor the kitchen table as more than just a place to eat, but as a sacred space where community, culture, and creativity collide. ¨

Adoria L. Maxberry is a visual and performance artist, designer, licensed educator, wife and mother of three, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She facilitates unique, meaningful art experiences focusing on creativity, exploration and reflection. Her company, Most OutGROWing LLC, is dedicated to helping others grow spiritually, mentally and creatively through art.

This Summer Co-LAB is generously supported by Artswave

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Queens Village Revolutionary Recipes Exhibition

Queens Village Revolutionary Recipes Exhibition


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