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Join our current Artist in Residence, Julie Morrill, every Wednesday and Friday from 4-6PM in the Creativity Center for collaborative art making and discussion.

The theme for Julie's residency is Human Touch and Perception Within Distortions.

Julie Morrill is a multidisciplinary artist based in Cincinnati Ohio. Achieving her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati in 2022, she now teaches and exhibits nationally and is held in various private collections. Her work was featured in the CAC's 2022 MFA Showcase, Critical Practice.

In the developing landscape of a digitized world where much of our experience is held within our devices and where we now have neural network artificial intelligence models seeking to replicate human processing, how do we record and reflect an intimately human experience? Through the imprints of cast and hand-built ceramics we can directly record the presence of the human body and awareness in a way that is outside the digitally fabricated hallucinations of even the most complex AI. To work with clay is to regain an experience and knowledge of our bodies and the consciousness housed within in a tangible way. The process of making and perceiving these works connects us to the craft of human creativity, generational knowledge, and the very beginnings of our consciousness.

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Artist in Residence: Julie Morrill

Artist in Residence: Julie Morrill


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