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Event Details

Event Details

Join our current Artist in Residence, Cierra Fogle, every Wednesday and Friday from 4-6PM in our new Creativity Center for collaborative art making and discussion!

The Theme for Cierra's residency is CHANGE

Cierra Fogle is a multi faceted experimental artist and storyteller from Cincinnati. She mainly works with paint, words, and movement and incorporates biotic, abiotic, and found materials into her work to create texture and direction in her paintings.

Through her residency, she'll incorporate new elements of expression; through opening up a safe space to experiment with different materials and processes of creation. Within each workshops, she will be touching on the importance of dealing with change. How can we be gentle with ourselves and others through processing change? How can we cope with change through different artistic perspectives? And how can we keep our own identity strong?

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Artist in Residence: Cierra Fogle

Artist in Residence: Cierra Fogle


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