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Event Details

Event Details

During this event we will engage in a meditation in nature, making space to listen to our environment and experience a different way of inhabiting the space. We will then engage in an exercise in nature journaling/nature sketching.

This event is free and open to the public, though registration is recommended (sign up here). We will meet in front of the Trailside Nature Center at 3251 Brookline Ave, Cincinnati OH 45220. Please dress in comfortable, walking-friendly clothing.

This program is the second session in a four-part CoLAB series titled Burnet Woods: Our Shared Space, hosted by multimedia migrant artist and UC professor Julia Orquera Bianco. One of the oldest and largest parks of Cincinnati, this 90-acre wooded land is one of the city’s green hearts and has gained national designation as an important biodiversity and wildlife area. However, urban mythology, an uprise of crime on site and the fight between economic and cultural interests have transformed Burnet Woods into a contested territory, where the societal, historical, and political sometimes converge, but most times overlap and conflict with each other.

Listening to the current need for reconnecting with nature, Bianco offers a CoLAB Series that will craft a space for learning about this land from different perspectives. The goal is to bring the stories, the science, and the magic of Burnet Woods closer to the general public through conversation and artmaking, in the hopes of expanding our understanding of this place and rekindling our relationship with it.

The Contemporary Art Center’s Co-LAB program is generously funded in part by Arts Wave.

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Co-LAB: Contemplation in Nature: Burnet Woods

Co-LAB: Contemplation in Nature: Burnet Woods


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