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Join us on May 27 to celebrate the opening of Artist-Run Spaces, an assemblage of ten independent arts organizations, non-profits, and collectives based throughout Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Sometimes known as artist-run, alternative, DIY, or independent spaces, artist-run spaces have historically been hubs of experimentation and community-building organized by artists for artists. Often rejecting more commercialized or institutionalized platforms, they privilege interdisciplinary exchange, grassroots organizing, and learning. Circumventing the bureaucracy, gatekeeping, and loaded histories of the sterile “white cube” of a contemporary gallery, they create experiences and spaces that foster mutual exchange and collectivism. A highlight of works from these organizations will be on display on the Second Floor of the CAC.

Opening Celebration: Artist-Run Spaces

Friday, May 27

Schedule of Events:

6:30 PM Members Only Cocktail Reception

Lower Level Lobby & Black Box

7:30 PM Performance - PIQUE: Vesper James

Black Box

Free for Members/$20 General Admission

Fractionated Flashbacks will be a reading where Vesper James' mind plays tricks on him by recalling repressed scenarios. The poem Glitting Selfie Construct will be read while a series of intrusion poems insert themselves during the reading. 15 min.

8:00 PM Public Opening: Artist-Run Spaces

Second Floor Gallery

Free, Open to All

8:00 PM Performance - Basketshop: O.J.A.I.

Second Floor Gallery

Free, Open to All

Office for Joing Administrative Intelligence will present Urban Inventory 1, a new performance based on an idiosyncratic walking practice they call Urban Reconnaissance. The piece combines aspects of architectural storytelling, political ideation, filed recordings and the casting of bureucratic spells.

9:00 PM Performance - The Lodge KY: Nora Barton

Second Floor Gallery

Free, Open to All

Cellist Nora Barton is a recent Chicago transplant currently residing in Northern Kentucky. As Planchette, she finds warmth in harsh sounds and unexpected inspiration in the minutiae of near silence through improvisation, delayed loops, and acoustic resonance.

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Artist-Run Spaces Opening Celebration

Artist-Run Spaces Opening Celebration


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