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Event Details

Event Details

Marin Emanuel is a Cincinnati-native multimedia creator. An unyielding passion for the planet pulled the artist towards a practice guided by environmental imperatives. By incorporating material sustainability, scientific studies, and nature-sourced imagery, her work aims to instill viewers with reverence for the natural world.

Through her residency, Emanuel hopes to enliven a wave of ecologically conscious citizens. Each week she will lead a multimedia project focused around communicating specific sectors of human-driven climate change. As visitors engage within the space, they will be encouraged to express their responses with various source materials. Ultimately, guests will return home with knowledge of humanity’s historic path towards its own demise, and a hand-crafted reminder to make choices which push towards a stabilized future.

The CAC's Teen Programs are made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Award Number MA-10-18-0118-18

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Artist in Residence: Marin Emanuel

Artist in Residence: Marin Emanuel


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