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“The love expressed between women is particular and powerful because we have had to love in order to live; love has been our survival."- Audre Lorde

Join the FIERCE artists and social practice curator Jeni Jenkins for this window into the world of Black motherhood and the artists’ experience of building sisterhood, embracing creativity and making passion manifest--in a pandemic. Featuring Artists Jeni Jenkins, Gabrielle Gates, Chanel Stevens, Keisha Easley

FIERCE provides space for Black mothers' stories to be broadcast in a world where speaking about being a Black woman and about Black motherhood is still considered a radical act.

FIERCE is a partnership with Jeni Jenkins, of Renegade Babe Studio, and Queen’s Village Cincinnati.

Renegade Babe Studio was founded by Jeni Jenkins as a means to support mission based organizations and initiate social change through collaborative design and art projects. Renegade Babe’s mission is to transform society to an equitable, sustainable future. Jeni Jenkins is a visual activist and social practice artist invested in enabling positive social impact by extending her practice outside the studio and into the social context.

Queens Village is a supportive community of powerful Black women who come together to relax, repower and take care of ourselves and each other.

Queens Village is an initiative of Cradle Cincinnati, a collective impact organization that fights high rates of infant mortality that disproportionately affect Black women in Cincinnati and beyond. We center Black women’s voices on changing not just racial disparities in birth outcomes but also the conditions that drive inequity in maternal and infant health.

We provide a safe space for Black mothers to support and be supported by their peers, to connect, to relieve stress, to process trauma and to build a better world together for ourselves and our children.

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Cradle Conversations: FIERCE, a Black MotHER Story

Cradle Conversations: FIERCE, a Black MotHER Story


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