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Pairing #1
Institutional and Industrial Complexes: Confinement, a Governmental Construction?
Ursula Biemann’s 2004 video essay Contained Mobility will be screened along with Ya’Ke Smith’s shorts and Harun Farocki’s 2000 video collage Prison ImagesA
Moderator: Svea Bräunert


10–10:15 AM
Introduction by Valentine Umansky

10:15–11:15 AM
Screening: Prison Images
Prison Images is a 60 minute video collage composed of footage from various sources. It shows quotes from fiction films and documentaries as well as footage from surveillance cameras. Farocki presents his look at new control technologies, at personal identification devices, electronic ankle bracelets and electronic tracking devices.

11:15–11:35 AM
Screening: Contained Mobility
Ursula Biemann’s Contained Mobility (21’) tells the story of the asylum seeker Anatol. His trans-local existence is captured as an extra-judicial movement from place to place. Biemann juxtaposes two spatial realities, those of the global container transport system and those of human migration contained as bare life. The audience is confronted with a cultural identity that continues to be fundamentally static, based on the concept of nation states

11:35 AM–12:05 PM
Austin-based educator, artist, and acclaimed filmmaker, Ya’Ke Smith has been chosen as the 2019 Duncanson artist in residency at Taft in Cincinnati. Smith, best known as a visionary pioneer for the advancement of African American film, directed WOLF, which premiered at the 2012 SXSW Film Festival, and most recently completed Brother, (13’28’’) “the story of two young boys whose friendship is put to the test when one of their brother’s returns home from a long prison stint.”

12:05–1 PM

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Confinement Symposium: Day One

Confinement Symposium: Day One


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