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March-May Artist in Residence: Stephanie Cuyubamba Kong

Stephanie Cuyubamba Kong is an American artist and educator interested in the ideas of cultural vernacular, ethno-musical studies, and art as a vehicle for agency.

In her practice, Stephanie enters the in-between spaces of identity: sometimes confusing, sometimes contradictory - but always celebrated. Through the likes of portraiture, performance, meals, and snacks, she aims to bring forward new ideas on how we construct cultures; and what it means to blur the lines across the complexities of identity in everyday objects and scenarios. She believes in illuminating marginalized histories and having intersectional conversations about education, art, and culture.

Over the course of her residency, Stephanie Cuyubamba Kong will work with visitors to create new representations of foods, people, and places. Music will play, snacks will be had, and art will be made. From high-fashion snack boxes to Collaborative photoshoots, dance parties and beyond, visitors will be able to participate in a variety of ways; all while feeling safe and celebrated.

The CAC's Teen Programs are made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Award Number MA-10-18-0118-18

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Artist in Residence: Stephanie Cuyubamba Kong

Artist in Residence: Stephanie Cuyubamba Kong


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