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October-November Artists in Residence

Take A Moment Studio: Joe Walsh and Jon Flannery

Take a Moment Studio is a year-long collaboration between local designers Joe Walsh and Jon Flannery (of Cryptogram) that embraces chance, producing poster-sized works through drawing and silkscreen processes.

Walsh and Flannery are driven by the practice of staying loose in body and mind, utilizing this project to deliberately make space for exploration free of assessment. Prioritizing drawing over sketching, and impact over intent, they respect the moment and the people they share it with. In the spirit of "art for all" in the studio environment, the works created are offered as complimentary to those involved.

Via drawing, cut paper masks, analogue design techniques, and two sizes of silkscreen poster formats, visitors will have the chance to learn by doing. Each week they'll explore image-making from a new angle via fast-and-loose creative prompts that personalize the design process. Visitors may participate in both action and observation, choosing to take home their work or contribute to the growing exhibition on the walls of the UnMuseum.

Photo credit: Ryan Back

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Artist in Residence: Take a Moment Studio

Artist in Residence: Take a Moment Studio


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