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red, black & GREEN: a blues (rbGb) is a visceral and moving hybrid performance work that brings the stories and voices of Black America into the center of a timely conversation about race, class, culture and the environment.

With passion and energy, intelligence and sweat, Marc Bamuthi Joseph and his fellow cast members lead the audience through four seasons in four cities - summer in Chicago, fall in Houston, winter in Harlem, and spring in Oakland. Within these literal spaces, the narrative exists in more poetic and ephemeral space, toggling between the realities of shotgun houses, subway cars, park benches, and father-son conversations, to more figurative spaces of collective memory, hallucination, dream and lament.

In honest performances ranging from deeply sad to hilariously funny, the work expands beyond the stage to embrace the stories of individuals in communities around the country. New and inspiring definitions of sustainability emerge from tales of survival and the complex beauty and struggle of human interdependence. Beyond hoping that audience members leave the theater to discuss environmental themes over dinner, rbGb aims to inspire new definitions of sustainability that lead to compassionate and humane action in the real world, uniting communities around a broader definition of “sustainable living” that sees us all become catalysts for cultural and creative engagement.

As part of performances around red, black & GREEN: a blues, Marc Bamuthi Joseph and his team create days of residency activities which are designed to engage individuals and local community organizations and inspire them to meet one another, share conversation, and forge new partnerships that continue long after the show ends. These residency activities launch a broad dialogue around the question “what sustains LIFE in your community?”, and how the arts can stimulate social change and play a role in the local creative ecosystem.

“Rarely do word and movement mesh so seamlessly and elegantly that the audience is left with the thought that drives them. But such is the case with Marc Bamuthi Joseph whose stories put sound and gesture on a single continuum of expression…” – The Washington Post

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red, black & GREEN: a blues

red, black & GREEN: a blues


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