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This World Made Itself is a multimedia live performance piece. As animation is projected onto a screen, artist Miwa Matreyek interactively performs as a shadow in the fantastical world of the video.

Merging film and theater to create something that is its own multimedia spectacle, This World Made Itself is a surreal, visually and musically-rich journey through the history of the earth, from the universe's first spark of beginning to our complex, current world of accelerated human interaction.

Featuring music created by acclaimed electronic artist Flying Lotus, This World Made Itself unfolds as both a panorama referencing natural history and science (imagine flipping through a vividly illustrated children's encyclopedia) and a dream-like spectacle of surrealistic metaphor and fantasy. Miwa Matreyek makes worlds beyond our reach clear and present to our delight, a visionary talent for these times.

Miwa Matreyek, a multimedia performance artist from Los Angeles, creates spellbinding, visually rich fusions of inventive animation and live performance that will leave you rapt. This World Made Itself is her latest solo work merging cinematic vistas with theater and intricate shadow play. The fantastical kaleidoscopic experience is sophisticated yet full of child-like wonder.

“Multimedia artist Miwa Matreyek turns her silhouetted self into a virtual Mobius strip for a breathtaking array of variegated animation styles…magical. The sheer breadth of the imagery…is unlike anything you've seen before” – Los Angeles Times

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Miwa Matreyek: This World Made Itself

Miwa Matreyek: This World Made Itself


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