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Oneohtrix Point Never is Daniel Lopatin, a Boston-bred, Brooklyn-based artist whose celebrated emergence has opened up the general public’s ears to daring combinations of electronic sound in ways unheard of in recent cultural memory. His 2010 album Returnal was made using vintage synthesizers to create widescreen ambient landscapes, while his latest album Replica sees Lopatin manipulate samples from 1980s TV commercials to construct evocative tracks of unexpected emotional depth.

Praised by critics around the world, audiences over the past several years have gravitated to OPN’s profound arrangements, which manage to touch upon both mainstream and discarded electronic music histories; merging the structural freedom of noise with the abstract emotionality of work considered by many to be ‘background music’. In addition to his work as OPN, Lopatin is known for his production and arrangement work, having collaborated with Antony Hegarty, Doug Aitken, Fennesz, Tim Hecker, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, and others.

For this performance, Oneohtrix Point Never's Cincinnati debut, Lopatin will be joined by video artist Nate Boyce, a frequent collaborator on multi-media live performances of which the duo have performed at MoMA and The Barbican. Boyce will work with visual improvisation that incorporates a range of approaches set to material from Oneohtrix Point Never's critically acclaimed recordings.

"Lopatin has accomplished something many musicians making so-called experimental music fail to do: open our ears to new sonic possibilities and, more importantly, force us to reconsider and rewire some of our most basic assumptions” - Wire

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Oneohtrix Point Never with video artist Nate Boyce

Oneohtrix Point Never with video artist Nate Boyce


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