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Calcagno Cullen, Amanda Curreri and Lindsey Whittle

Archive as Action

February 08 through June 16, 2019

Calcagno Cullen, Amanda Curreri and Lindsey Whittle
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Curated by Steven Matijcio

artist(s)Calcagno Cullen, Amanda Curreri, Lindsey Whittle

This exhibition convenes a trio of Cincinnati-based artists who continuously activate found and historical materials through a performative and participatory lens. In this evolving arena, the stories that live within textiles, garments, recipes, documents and archives become the platform for gatherings of community and collaborators. Calcagno Cullen is an artist, curator, and the executive director of an experimental arts space and socially-engaged residency program that has turned the arts organization into an art practice. Amanda Curreri is an artist and professor whose work is interdisciplinary and interpersonal –mining the politics embedded in textiles to prompt discussions of labor, class and use-value. Fashion and garments are also central to the vivid practice of Lindsey Whittle, a performance/fashion/visual artist whose work revels in color and amplifies the body into a collective being.

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