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Alison Crocetta

A Circus of One

May 18 through August 19, 2018

Alison Crocetta
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Curated by Steven Matijcio; Organized by the Contemporary Arts Center

artist(s)Alison Crocetta

A Circus of One will be Alison Crocetta’s first solo museum exhibition. A New York-born, Columbus-based artist and professor at Ohio State University, Crocetta works in an interdisciplinary fashion to merge performance, sculptural form, film and sound into hybrid artworks. This exhibition will provide an overview of her layered practice with works that span her disciplinary spectrum and evolve through her actions. At the heart of this exhibition will be the premiere of A Circus of One (Act II), a 30-minute event comprised of seven performance actions that occur within the intimate setting of a 20-foot-wide ring. For this project she has joined forces with composer/musician Zac Little of the band Saintseneca. Little’s haunting and spacious music, printed on a vinyl record, creates the soundscape for Crocetta’s stoic performance that runs the gamut from the absurd to the trance-inducing as she interacts with a large, shape-shifting wooden horse. Next to this work will be a projection of her 16mm black-and-white film, A Circus of One (scored by Jason Treuting), and related sculptures that were used in the film’s actions. Crocetta will also premiere RESONATOR, a durational performance piece that features her singing a cappella, which was inspired by the Italian futurist Luigi Russolo’s work, Intonarumori, and his related manifesto, The Art of Noise. Taken as a whole, this exhibition will celebrate the delicate resonance of Crocetta’s voice in both song and action as well as the unique marriage between objects and their shared lives as subjects and performance supports.

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A Circus of One (Act II)

A Circus of One (Act II)


Resonator Performance: Alison Crocetta

Resonator Performance: Alison Crocetta


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