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Audio Tour

December 08, 2017 through December 11, 2021

Audio Tour
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artist(s)Britni Bicknaver

The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) is proud to launch Audio Tour by Cincinnati-based artist and professor Britni Bicknaver. Under the guise of an audio guide museums typically employ to present references and objective information to visitors, Bicknaver presents a surreal hybrid that lyrically blends fact and fantasy. In concert with self-composed music, song, meandering meditations, obscure chronicles, mathematical formulae and wordplay, she weaves a surreal map of this center and its colorful history.

This work was initially presented as part of Bicknaver’s thesis project in the University of Cincinnati’s Master of Fine Arts Exhibition at the CAC in 2017. She has since expanded the work and re-mastered the audio, upgraded the technology and expanded the platforms it can be accessed. The work is available free of charge to CAC visitors during regular gallery hours and will be offered on an indefinite run. Audio Tour can be experienced via MP3 players that can be checked out at the front desk, or via cell phones and direct streaming from a dedicated website.

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