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Riptide Rhapsody

by Golden Brown Enterprizes

August 31 through October 09, 2016

Riptide Rhapsody
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Riptide Rhapsody is a landmark project for Golden Brown Enterprizes: a creative partnership between Cincinnati-based artist duo Kenton Brett and David Jarred. They met in 2008 as a part of a group of malcontent merry-makers called “Arthole,” and soon began laying the groundwork for this intricate stop-motion film. After working together on several Arthole projects, Brett and Jarred formed a spin-off partnership to pursue their mutual interest in video and animation as well as design, puppet-making and cinematography. From 12,000 hand-animated frames shot between 2009 and 2014, Golden Brown stitched together this film and forged a soundtrack by remixing The Happy Maladies song, "Habit-Forming Dental Surgery (Rare Candies)." Over eight years in the making, Brett and Jarred describe Riptide Rhapsody as “a project of passion and dedication” with “an aesthetic that was uniquely our own.” It skillfully marries their individual drawing techniques, bringing Brett’s use of line and pattern to render the finished characters and environmental elements (e.g. trees, rocks, and clouds) together with Jarred’s use of bold lines to depict the dwellings, musical instruments, and robots. When contrast occurs in their styles it underscores the narrative arc as the main characters find themselves adrift in a world that is artificially reconstructing itself. When faced with a strange, mutating environment, the quintet of costumed musicians also begins to mutate to survive.

Riptide Rhapsody has been screened in numerous national and international film festivals, and recently won a Platinum award from the Spotlight Short Film Awards. This exhibition will be its premiere in Cincinnati, and runs until October 9, 2016.

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