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Matt Kish & Robert Del Tredici

Chasing the Whale and Other Endless Pursuits

April 22 through August 14, 2016

Matt Kish & Robert Del Tredici
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Curated by Robert Wallace & Steven Matijcio

artist(s)Robert Del Tredici, Matt Kish

This exhibition brings together two unheralded artists who imagine the details, detours and interpretations of iconic novels with serial drawings that are as plentiful as they are obsessive. Matt Kish is a Dayton, Ohio-based librarian and self-taught artist who has turned the daily act of drawing into a vehicle for indexing and cataloging his life and experiences. Robert Del Tredici is a graphic artist, photographer and teacher who gave up early studies in the seminary to become an ardent anti-nuclear activist. They do not work together but are united in the tenacious illustration of Herman Melville’s iconic 1851 novel Moby Dick: turning a now storied tale of revenge and rediscovery into the fodder for countless numbers of drawings, prints and imaginings. They have also visualized scenes from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities that have never before escaped the page – bringing new life to literary landmarks and their evolving legacies.

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