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Liz Magic Laser

Kiss and Cry

February 21 through February 28, 2016

Liz Magic Laser
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Curated by Drew Klein & Steven Matijcio

artist(s)Liz Magic Laser

Liz Magic Laser, Kiss and Cry, 2015, single-channel 4K video, 13:30 min, video still. With figure skaters Anna MacKenzie and Axel MacKenzie and coach Marie Jonsson MacKenzie. Commissioned and produced by Mercer Union.

For Kiss and Cry (2015) Liz Magic Laser worked with figure skating coach Marie Jonsson Mackenzie while she trained her two children, seven-year-old Anna and eleven-year-old Axel. Skirting the line between fiction and documentary, warm-up and performance routines are interwoven with scripted dialogue and voice-overs that trace the social construction of the innocent child. The script draws on family values rhetoric, progressive era propaganda and sociology texts about on the history of childhood and child rights movements, as well as on Lee Edelman’s No Future: Queer Theory and the Death Drive (2004). The underlying ideas were informed by discussions about the culture wars controversy surrounding the 1990 Robert Mapplethorpe show at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati. In After the Moment I discussed with curator Steven Matijcio the imperative to protect children and how it became an excuse for limiting the liberties of others.

“The kiss and cry” is the phrase used to refer to the area to the side of the skating rink where coaches and competitors gather after performing to await the judges’ verdict, a media strategy invented to elicit empathy.

CREDITS Video Editors: Liz Magic Laser and Naomi Spiro. Director of Photography: Nikolay Michaylov; Second Camera: Daniel Froidevaux; Camera Assistant: Dan White; Audio Engineer: Dallas Boyes; Sound Designer: Jakob Thiesen; Production Manager: Georgina Jackson; Production Assistants: Nick Torok and Andrew Hoekstra. Costume Adviser: Felicia Garcia-Rivera. Voice Overs: Boston Flannery and Jenna Iacono.

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