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Michael Sailstorfer

Every Piece is a New Problem

March 29 through September 14, 2014

Michael Sailstorfer
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Curated by Steven Matijcio

artist(s)Michael Sailstorfer

Rising German artist Michael Sailstorfer continually expands classical notions of sculpture: marrying the unexpected weight of light, sound and smell with the airy flight of muscular mechanics. Inspired by the friction of opposites and the contrast between a work and its surroundings, he explains: “I’m really interested in what sculpture can be and how a sculpture can spread out and use much more space than it physically has.” Tires burn against gallery walls, trees flip end over end and concrete light tubes hum in the ensuing fray. In the process, Sailstorfer fuses contrary elements into uncanny curiosities - creating a slew of possible readings that rub against one another like flint for the psyche. Under the spell of playful incongruity he creates experiences that echo through both mind and body.

For his first major solo exhibition in the United States, Sailstorfer will present a series of his most striking installations that quietly, but urgently interrogate the CAC building. Forest turns a quartet of upended trees into the spinning dancers of a melancholic ballet, while Clouds lead our eyes upward to knotted inner tubes floating high above. The floor beneath takes its turn in the sun with Test Reactor as Sailstorfer embeds microphones into a series of resin spheres that reverberate with the vibrations of visitor footsteps. Alongside other sculpture and film, this show gathers “hard” and “soft” architectures – building and bodies – into a collective reimagining of our surround.

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