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Diane Landry

by every wind that blows

November 09, 2013 through March 02, 2014

Diane Landry
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Curated by Raphaela Platow & Steven Matijcio

artist(s)Diane Landry

Celebrated Canadian artist Diane Landry translates everyday items and mechanical systems into mystical meditations on life, death and our relationship with technology. Turning the mundane into the wondrous, everything from water bottles and laundry hampers to bed frames and plastic cutlery are imbued with unexpected life. Like a scrapyard version of Disney’s Fantasia, Landry’s automated actors expand the basic functions of her respective materials – allowing their shadows to dance hypnotically across gallery walls. Whether these works speak to the sins of disposable culture or the untapped promise of the everyday, her mechanized entities inspire a magical re-evaluation of the material world.

Landry’s CAC exhibition will feature the U.S. debut of her newest installation Exhaustion: a chandelier-like form (made of plastic forks & knives) that floats up and down like a colossal jellyfish. The show also highlights some of her most notable works from the past decade, including swelling mandalas made from plastic water bottles and laundry hampers, as well as chiming bedframes and videos that measure time through the lens of the artist. As a special feature, Landry will perform one of these works during the November 9th opening – paddling a suspended canoe through plastic sheet waves high above the CAC lobby.

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