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Joey Versoza

Is This It

September 21, 2013 through March 02, 2014

Joey Versoza
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Curated by Justine Ludwig

artist(s)Joey Versoza

Drawing its title from Michael Jackson’s unrealized 2009 tour, This Is It, this playful exhibition explores the impact of simple alteration to spectacle – presenting popular culture as both personal and emotional. Covington-based Joey Versoza’s practice spans video, photography, and sculpture as he samples various pieces of media. From this array of sources he will create a new body of work for the CAC that will function as a single installation. Is This It features a series of appropriated film clips which are then looped and re-scored with familiar music tracks that span genres. The result is the unearthing of hidden meanings and newly established connections. Also included in the exhibition are a series of digital photographs of found objects that appear as abstract, amorphous landscapes. Tying these elements together will be an array of installation elements that live and die throughout the run of the exhibition.

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