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Is This Thing On?

December 19, 2011 through February 05, 2012

Is This Thing On?
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artist(s)lizvlx , Jeremy Bailey, Peter Baldes, Mark Beasley, Michael Bell-Smith, Hans Bernhard, Jennifer Chan, Ben Coonley, Adam Cruces, Cheryl Donegan, Jaap Drupsteen, Constant Dullaart, Joe Gerhardt, Ruth Jarman, Oliver Laric, Guthrie Lonergan, Kristin Lucas, Daito Manabe, Eva Mattes, Franco Mattes, Jesse McLean, Evan Roth, Nicolas Sassoon, Timur Si-Quin, Rick Silva, Roman Singer, Pascual Sisto, Greg Stimac, JD Walsh, William Wegman, Ryland Wharton, Eddie Whelan

This exhibition presents three distinct subsets of video art practice. Each one addresses specific concerns relative to the history and future of video art ranging from early portapack experiments to more recent explorations of internet culture and sculptural video installations. The first installment, Screen Test (Nov 5), traces the history of performance video, showcasing the changing role of technology and new media trends. The second, Quality Control (Dec 19), looks at process-based works and the role of video art in a broader, new media context. The final phase, New Forms (Feb 11), builds on the previous installations to consider the future of combined media works and challenge popular assumptions of both the form and function of contemporary video art.

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