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Jimmy Baker

Remote Viewing

February 26 through April 10, 2011

Jimmy Baker
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artist(s)Jimmy Baker

This exhibition is the first solo museum show for Cincinnati-based artist Jimmy Baker. His work merges traditional painting techniques with digital printing, combining landscapes with deconstructed images of human figures and forms. He manipulates found images from online sources, combining the unassuming—celebrities snapped by paparazzi and anonymous pictures of everyday life—with the horrifying—dismembered bodies and explosions photographed by soldiers. The result is a disorienting and confusing composite image. Baker translates this onto canvas through a combination of digital printing and painting techniques. The seamless nature of the digital printing over the painted canvas helps to weave the two processes together, blurring the line between the different media. Through this mash-up, Baker searches for a new chapter in the history of painting. And by interweaving numerous unrelated sources into one composition, he addresses the role context plays in our understanding of images in the all-access world of the 21st century.

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