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Anri Sala

Purchase Not by Moonlight

May 30 through September 06, 2009

Anri Sala
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Curated by Raphaela Platow

artist(s)Anri Sala

Opening in Miami during Art Basel, this first major exhibition of the Albanian artist Anri Sala's videos, films and photographs in the United States is carefully calibrated with the architecture of the Rosenthal Center to present a spatial and time-based multimedia experience. Sala's presentations can be understood as choreographed installations in which the artist carefully considers the dialogue between the works and the space. In addition to the onsite presentation of Sala's work, the CAC will present a performance created by Sala. Sala's first US publication, an illustrated catalog with essays by Svetlana Boym, Michael Fried, Raphaela Platow, Bonnie Clearwater (MOCA, North Miami Executive Director and Chief Curator), and others will accompany the exhibition. Following its presentation at MOCA North Miami, the exhibition will be on view at the CAC May 30-August 30, 2009. Though both institutions share the exhibition, in reality the installation should be considered two subsequent, separate volumes, as each presentation is intended to occupy and respond to the respective spaces

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