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Bunch Alliance and Dissolve

November 17, 2006 through January 14, 2007

Bunch Alliance and Dissolve

artist(s)Richard Aldrich, Ei Arakawa, Ronnie Bass, Iris Bernblum, Becket Bowes, Pablo Bronstein, Ann Craven, Anna Craycroft, Nancy de Holl, David Dempewolf, Liz Deschenes, Elise Ferguson, Morgan Fisher, Martha Friedman, Maaike Gottschal, Amy Granat, Xylor Jane, Siobhan Liddel, Aleksandra Mir, Carter Mull, Heather Rowe, Paul Shambroom, Molly Smith, Mika Tajima, Erika Vogt, James Yamada

Bunch Alliance and Dissolve is an exhibition organized by Public-Holiday Projects, an artist-run curatorial initiative based in New York and Los Angeles. The show includes approximately twenty-five international artists. While a number of the participating artists have exhibited extensively, the majority are early-career artists, for whom this will be their first museum exhibition. Bunch Alliance and Dissolve investigates the structural potentialities of a group exhibition, and the temporal nature of correlations that are drawn by third parties between artists' works.

The exhibition is organized around several discreet conversations between artists working in different media, wherein the artworks are arranged in focused groupings. In opposition to a linear, narrative, or top-down curatorial structuring, the conversations locate multiple centers of dialogue within the entire exhibition. A bunch alliance is an informal term that describes an affiliation, correlation, or relationship. The exhibition's title underscores how artists are often brought together by group exhibitions because of themes or ideas unrecognized by the artist at the time of the work's inception. At moments in this exhibition, the visual and cerebral connections between the works are startling and profound. However, these relationships are inherently ephemeral. After the run of a group show, the individual artists disperse to the territories of their own ideas, having perhaps been influenced by the work of their one-time neighbor, or perhaps not at all.

Public-Holiday Projects (PHP) is artists Rachel Foullon, Matt Keegan, and Laura Kleger. PHP operates from a mission of giving artists an active role in the exhibition and archive of their work, in order to restore a richness of encounter with each artist in a group show. As with all PHP projects, Bunch Alliance and Dissolve will include the exhibition, a publication, and a means of accessing the participating artists' intellectual and material working processes. At the CAC, a fluid transition between the studio and the site of exhibition will be achieved through a centralized resource room where viewers can engage with extensive source materials provided by the artists, which make visible the references, inspirations, and previous visualizations of the works on display.

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