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Ant Farm

1968 -1978

May 06 through July 30, 2006

Ant Farm

This retrospective exhibition illustrates the work of the radical architecture collective that began in 1968. Comprised of several young renegade architects, Ant Farm reveals the revolutionary spirit of the times as well as timeless renditions of contemporary art practices. The vision of Ant Farm resonates with a nomadic lifestyle, supported by inflatable structures and radical environments that could make such ideals come to fruition. Collectively, Ant Farm broadened the visual vocabulary of architecture, art, and everyday life in the creation of pseudo realities and new social visions.

Ant Farm, founded in San Francisco by Chip Lord and Doug Michels as an alternative architecture, graphic arts, and environmental design practice, expanded to include Curtis Schreier and, at times, Douglas Hurr and Hudson Marquez. Ant Farm was an innovative countercultural collective working in media and spectacle from the late 1960s through the 1970s. Their media events, site structures, performances and videotapes merge an irreverent pop humor with cultural and political critique. Ant Farm disbanded in 1978 when a fire destroyed their studio at Pier 40 in San Francisco.

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