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Sacred and Profane

A Collection of Sonic Art

October 01, 2005 through January 01, 2006

Sacred and Profane

Curated by Liz Copeland and Clark Warer

In most museum settings, sound is frequently treated as supplemental or as a by-product of an exhibition. In many cases sound is considered a distraction when viewing other works. This unique exhibition presents audio works as the sole focus in the gallery. Listening stations with minimal visual information are mounted on the walls to encourage viewers to consider the sonic compositions in the same manner as a painting, photo or collage hung in the museum. Here, the aural replaces the visual. The title Sacred and Profane refers to the introduction of avant-garde sound compositions into the pristine contemplative environment of a museum or gallery.

Sacred and Profane concentrates on nine contemporary composers from around the world. These artists span many genres, backgrounds, generations and tendencies. Converging nine artists in one space allows for unique interactions and comparisons between varied approaches to sound as the audience moves from one listening station to the next. From ambient electronic compositions to natural sound and melodic noise, the ideas presented here directly complement and contrast with one another. The artists of Sacred and Profane engender a renewed realization of the power of sound as art and language.

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