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Jay Bolotin

The Jackleg Testament

May 20 through August 21, 2005

Jay Bolotin

Curated by Matt Distel

artist(s)Jay Bolotin

This exhibition marks the world premiere of Jay Bolotin’s The Jackleg Testament, which comprises two interrelated parts – a print portfolio and a woodcut motion picture. Unlike traditional film-making, Bolotin directs a process that involves transferring his woodcut prints into a computer then digitally manipulating them by adding textures, atmospheric effects, sound and movement to tell the story of The Jackleg Testament. Essentially, the woodcut prints are the direct source of the characters, sets and props for the motion picture.

This exhibition also marks a new direction for Bolotin. For more than 25 years, he has constructed narratives of both grand and modest scales. His work crosses many disciplines, moving effortlessly through galleries, theaters, and music venues. Bolotin’s ability to navigate these varied fields relies on his commitment to narrative structure. He is a masterful storyteller. Here, for the first time, Bolotin applies the densely layered narratives, imagery and iconography of his prints, songs and stage performances to the medium of the motion picture.

Two earlier print portfolios and one large-scale sculpture illustrate some of the conceptual and thematic groundwork for The Jackleg Testament. Each of the pieces in this exhibition demonstrates Bolotin’s continued interest in weaving Judeo-Christian creation stories and personal mythologies as a means to better understand the human condition.

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