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a recent (incomplete) history of infiltrations, actions and propositions utilizing contemporary

February 11 through May 08, 2005


Curated by Matt Distel

This exhibit is composed of the work of six artist groups who have adopted institutional and/or corporate fronts to engage in subversive critiques of contemporary culture.

“Subversion, which forged its first weapons from art, has now become the art of handling every sort of weapon.” – From The Revolution of Everyday Life, Raoul Vaneigem, 1967.

While subversion and activism are not unique to the art world, the art world does present unique opportunities to explore questions of authority and responsibility. As a part of the long history of artists questioning the categorization of art as a facet of society removed from everyday life, the artist represented here attempt to address certain social, economic and political agendas. The mere suggestion of an authoritative voice is enough to assume control of a certain bandwidth of social consciousness. Oftentimes these artists have employed nothing more than a web site to infiltrate organizations of global stature. The scope of the exhibition includes nuanced discussions of community-building, corporate espionage, international politics and civil disobedience.

Many of the groups in Incorporated practice strategies more commonly associated with small business models or non-profit organizations than with traditional art-making. In that context, such activities as waste-management, archive research, product placement, issuing passports, identity theft and marketing become the artists’ tools to engage audiences beyond the art world.

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