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Above and Below

The Hypar Room

Above and Below
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artist(s)Allan Wexler

The Hypar Room allows children and families to investigate a space that is puzzling, yet based on simple concepts found in geometry. The Above space contains furniture, the function of which is altered by the curved floor. The Below space is a forest of floor supports that create the curves above. Exploring the structure from above and below, children will learn about architecture, geometry, perception, building and art.

Both of the Wexlers call themselves educators and designers, as well as artists, and have collaborated on museum exhibits for children at the High Museum in Atlanta, the Jewish Museum in New York City and the Delaware Children’s Museum. Ellen Wexler has a B.F.A. in Art Education from the Rhode Island School of Design and taught art to elementary and high school students during the early 1970s. “Because of our background in education, we don’t just design museum exhibits,” explains Mrs. Wexler. “We understand art and the learning process and can incorporate that into a successful learning experience.”

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