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Museum Directors' Selections for Photography in the Fine Arts

September 13 through October 08, 1966

Museum Directors' Selections for Photography in the Fine Arts

artist(s)Kathryn Abbe, Ansel Adams, Sylvia Albert, Ollie Atkins, Richard Avedon, Sid Avery, Oscar Bailey, Betty Barford, Morton Beebe, Cal Bernstein, Ronconi Bittorio, Alfred Boch, Aubrey Bodine, John Bower, Gertrude Bray, Joseph Breitenbach, Alexander Brook, Sonja Bullaty, Wynn Bullock, Albert Burrows, Lew Bush, Paul Caponigro, Taber Chadwick, Walter Chappell, Carl Chiarenza, Gim Chong, Bernard Cole, Marie Cosindas, Ralph Crane, Arthur d'Arazien, Al Deane, Jean Dieuzaide, H.P. Dodge, Franz Dutzler, P. Eckel, Eliot Elisofon, Sam Falk, Daniel Farber, Andreas Feininger, Sidney Fichtelberg, Peter Fink, Albert Freytag, William Froelich, Kengo Fujie, Paul Fusco, William Garnett, James Gitlitz, Fritz Goro, Ernst Halberstadt, M. Halberstadt, Philippe Halsman, Arno Hammacher, James Hansen, Suzanne Hausamann, Fritz Henle, Ken Heyman, Louis Hoeflinger, George Holton, Don Hunter, Philip Hyde, Takeo Iwamatu, Virna Jaffer, Carter Jones, Pirkle Jones, Clemens Kalischer, Yousuf Karsh, Norman Kerr, Andre Kertesz, Dmitri Kessel, Kazuhiko Kondo, Robert Kornfeld, William Kriz, Leon Kuzmanoff, H. Landshoff, Alma Lavenson, Alexander Liberman, Archie Lieberman, Werner Luthy, Nathan Lyons, Jack Manning, Fred Maroon, Ivan Massar, C.G. Maxwell, Sadie McGillis, Dick McGraw, Thomas Myers, III, Hans Namuth, Peter Nelson, Arnold Newman, Stephen Nichols, Harold Null, Ruth Orkin, Brooks Paige, Gordon Parks, Eliot Porter, Joseph Baylor Roberts, Bob Roos, Merg Ross, W. Gilles Ross, Bruno Rosso, Arthur Rothstein, Lorette Ryan, Walter Sanders, Martin Schmidt, Emil Schulthess, John Scofield, Evelyn Seitz, Arthur Siegel, Elizabeth Siegrist, George Silk, Ben Somoroff, Bert Stern, John Stewart, Richard Swanson, Kryn Taconis, Masae Tamura, Joseph Taylor, Harlan Thompson, Pete Turner, John Upton, Burk Uzzle, Zdenek Vozenilek, Lynn Wall, Jack Welpott, Brett Weston, Minor White, Don Worth, Akisuke Yamaguchi, Jose Lorenzo Zakany

“Nine eminent experts in art have selected 152 pictures from 1042 examples prejudged by photographics organizations and authorities in the field” (Photography in the Fine Arts). The show debuted at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The search for works took place 18 months before the selection and allowed “all points of view, asking only that the product of a man’s work contain that certain spark which kindles in a sensitive observer a response to its message.” During the judging there was a simple collection of votes that lacked any “expression of opinions.”

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