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Third Interior Valley Competition

May 27 through August 10, 1961

Third Interior Valley Competition

artist(s)Raymond Barnhart, Gerald Bayless, Robert Beaven, Jon Bellstrom, Edward Betts, Allan Blizzard, Maril Blizzard, David Borders, Glenn Bradshaw, Robert Butler, David Camele, Galaor Carbonell, Cedric Chang, Georgiabelle Clark, William Collins, Lela Cooney, Earl Cunningham, Thelma Erbeck, Mildred Fischer, Davira Fisher, J. Fonte, John Freeman, Gertrude Friedlander, Francesco Gallo, Robert Gatrell, Mary Ann Gibson, Samia Halaby, Edward Hewett, David Hostetler, B.M. Jackson, Joyce Kearney, Thomas Kelsey, L. Kesl, Paul Kirchner, Richard Knowles, Dorothy Kohlhepp, Donald Lanham, Dana Loomis, Annemarie Mahler, Michael Mancuso, Ellen Mandelbaum, Barbara Mescher, Philip Morsberger, Martin Nantz, Jean Overholts, Stephen Parker, Kinzel Peace, Rudy Pozzatti, Donald Roberts, Ted Rosenberger, Carol Schaengold, Florence Siegelk, Robert Smith, Michael Smith, William Smith, Julian Stanczak, Julia Stillpass, Walter Stomps, Milton Sullivan, Frederic Thursz, Martha Tippett, Richard Wengenroth, James Yoko

The third Interior Valley Competition featured a similar open application to the second. The prizes were awarded at the Jury’s discretion – they had $1500 to distribute and awarded ten prizes of equal value. The jury process resulted in the elimination of around nine for every ten entries. This show featured two judges: Lawrence Campbell and Bernard Perlin.

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